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Sharps® Iso-Wash Linen Recovery Bags (Water Soluble Laundry Bags) ❯

Iso-Wash Linen Recovery Bags are one way to help provide a safe method to handle linens contaminated with blood, bodily fluids, and other bio-hazards. Simple to use: Place contaminated linens (soiled with blood or body fluids) into a marked, water soluble Iso-Wash Linen Recovery Bag. Place separated linens into industrial laundry equipment for recovery. Once the wash cycle begins the bag will dissolve within 2 minutes allowing chemicals to clean the contaminated laundry. Capacity per bag is 20 gallons. Accommodates full size comforters. Clearly labeled with the universal bio hazard symbol. Iso-Wash bags are also highly effective for use with linen contaminated with bedbugs.

Item ID: 0032135
Shipping Weight: 3.11
Item Size: 26" x 33"

Unit Of Measure: Case
Case Pack: 25

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